Technology Connected at London Tech Week 2022

The Technology Connected team attended some of the events at last week’s London Tech Week. As the leading network for the technology industry in Wales, it is always important for us to see how the Welsh tech community can best utilise the technologies available as well as share learning about how tech can develop in the future. 

London Tech Week was held in the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, bringing together the series of events into one campus for the first time. Having the event in person made it a great opportunity to network and connect with tech enthusiasts from all around the world. As well as that, the event focused on talks from leading renowned speakers, which focused on the different ways we can use technology to ensure that the future is a more sustainable and accessible place.

Hannah Williams of Scribble Inc illustrating the tech talks

The exhibition also provided attendees with hands-on demo areas, which gave us the opportunity to see with our own eyes how some developing technologies could be used. We hope to see more of these hands-on demos in the future as they highlight one of the best things about returning to in-person events – the ability to try enabling technologies yourself.

London Tech Week also included the Elevating Founders Europe 2022 pitch competition, which brought together start up companies to pitch for a prize of £10,000. The innovations discussed by all the competitors were incredible, and we can only imagine how difficult it was for the judges to pick their winner. It was an overall great experience to be there in person around so many tech enthusiasts. 

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