Insights from the Skills Roundtable: Bridging the Gap Between Industry Needs & Emerging Skills

Our skills roundtable, focused on ‘Bridging the Gap’, brought together an exceptional group of industry leaders, professionals, and stakeholders to Deloitte LLP’s Callaghan Square office in Cardiff. We discussed the pressing needs of the Welsh tech industry and how we can equip our workforce to meet the challenges of today and the uncertainties of tomorrow. 

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, the demand for skilled professionals is greater than ever. The million-dollar question posed to our attendees was: Are we equipped to meet these demands, and what can we do differently to ensure success?

Key themes from our discussions:

Beyond technical skills

Our discussions highlighted that success in the tech industry hinges on more than just technical prowess. Attributes such as work ethic, flexibility, and resilience are crucial. These attitudes complement technical skills and are essential for thriving in a dynamic industry environment.

Collaboration is key

A recurring theme was the importance of cross-sector collaboration. No single entity can tackle the challenges of the tech industry alone. By fostering partnerships between different sectors, we can pool resources, share knowledge, and create a more robust support system for emerging talent.

Mapping provision

The landscape of skills provision in Wales is vast and varied. One of the key challenges identified is the need for effective mapping and consolidation of this information. By doing so, we can empower both employers and individuals to make informed decisions and take targeted actions that align with industry needs.

Promoting Wales

Another crucial aspect discussed was the promotion of Wales as a tech hub. There is a need to intensify efforts to help more companies and individuals understand the rich tech opportunities available within Wales. By enhancing our promotional activities, we can attract more talent and investment into the region.

Moving forward

The insights gathered from our surveys and discussions at the Skills Roundtable will inform our upcoming recommendations and action points. We are committed to using this valuable feedback to shape strategies that will bridge the gap between industry needs and emerging skills in Wales.

We would like to thank Deloitte LLP for hosting us, and to all the participants for their invaluable contributions. 

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