Benefits of joining The Network

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As a Network Partner, you’ll be joining an organisation which is championing the technology industry, influencing key stakeholders and in collaboration with partners developing the next generation of talent in Wales.



The benefits of being a Partner

Why join The Network?

Connection and collaboration

Explore new, collaborative and commercial opportunities for innovation and growth via our events, roundtables and impact networking.

Best-practice and compliance

Leverage insight and expertise within The Network to understand how to identify and fill any gaps in your organisation.


Our Talent4Tech programme offers a unique opportunity to shape the skills agenda in Wales, and to inspire, inform and empower the next generation of talent to explore the plethora of opportunities and technology career paths in Wales.

Insight and influence

Learn first-hand what is going on within the industry, get access to exclusive market and sector reporting and analysis. Use your seat at the table to help shape and influence key stakeholders, to foster the vibrant digital and enabling tech economy for Wales.

Profile and promotion

Showcase and spotlight your organisation, and increase your promotional reach by being part of an active six thousand+ strong community. As part of the Network, promote Wales on the global stage as a centre of excellence for enabling and emerging technologies and their applications for today’s business and society.

Become an advocate for the tech industry in Wales

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