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Yacooba Limited

Yacooba (https://yacooba.com/) is a technology company focused on developing solutions to strengthen the Event Industry´s ecosystem. We offer a complete and dynamic Application for events at a global level, especially developed to simplify the life of Promoters and Participants of Events, allowing the latter to build, in real time and in just a few clicks, a personalized experience, adding event tickets, travel and accommodation. With our platform, Event Promoters can generate superior, otherwise untapped, revenue, and access a sales channel with global reach. Our platform uses Blockchain technology, where we developed a protocol for issuing secure, unique, and immutable tickets (NFTs). With us, one can issue and sell secure tickets, prevent illegal ticket sales in secondary markets, and access new revenue streams. Our value proposition: • Issuance and sale of unique tickets, immutable, anti-fraud • Check-in software • Secondary marketplace for tickets (rules set by Event Producer) • Add/sell additional, ticket specific, digital content

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