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RWG is a mobile network and service provider, doing things differently. We were the first to deliver an all-Wales mobile network with WiFi calling, billing transparency and a bilingual customer experience all as standard. Today we command oceans of bandwidth from the world’s largest mobile networks. Plentiful, low cost, straightforward connectivity. We deliver and manage it just as it’s meant to be - simply and transparently with you in control.

RWG’s connected network solution gives your organisation the ability to expand your private network globally, by converging and utilising high-speed mobile networks around the world, including technologies such as NB-IoT, 5G and LTE. Your private network will allow you to use the best mobile network operators' infrastructure as a secure way for your users and devices to connect directly into your organisation's private network.

With RWG, you get access to multiple carriers, bridging coverage gaps with fully customised solutions to fit your networking needs, as well as the ability to manage IP addresses, subnet ranges,
authentication techniques and more. RWG’s platform also lowers mobile data costs by allowing you to aggregate mobile data more effectively across SIMs, networks and devices.

Networks Converged into a Single Solution

RWG’s connected network solution can be used on several of the major networks with a single view. Our network aggregation solves network dependency problems, and also provides a solution that single network coverage solutions cannot deliver. This makes RWG’s connected network the perfect fit to allow your business to harness the power of multiple mobile data networks and to stay connected, with reliable and secure access to your network, without having to compromise on security. Networks we currently support include Vodafone Global, EE UK, Vodacom SA,
MTN SA, MTN Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria, and AT&T USA.

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