Free membership programme to support technology businesses

Technology Connected opens free membership programme to support technology businesses and Covid-19 support

For the first time ever, Technology Connected has launched a new membership initiative, which will give free access to benefits, initiatives and support for technology businesses amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Technology Connected (previously known as the ESTnet) is Wales’ most established network of technology businesses and has been representing, promoting and championing Welsh technology for more than two decades.

In the face of the global crisis, the organisation will offer a special free membership tier for three months, to allow all technology businesses to access some of its benefits and support throughout the difficult period.

The new initiative will launch alongside a programme which will accentuate the organisation’s support for existing Technology Connected members.

The scheme follows a series of moves from the organisation to help support the technology industry. These include;

  • Launching a new online community for technology businesses to share support, insight and resources during the covid-19 pandemic. The Technology Connected members’ Linkedin group gives businesses a place to come together as a community to help support each other. The group also posts regular updates to signpost advice, developments and opportunities for technology businesses in Wales.
  • Giving members opportunities to share their news through its exclusive media partnership with Business News Wales.
  • Connecting members to key stakeholders via opportunities to participate in trend surveys and reports.
  • The launch of online webinars and programmes to connect the industry throughout the period.
  • Its Next Generation programme which helps connect businesses to the talent of the future in partnership with higher and further education.
  • Working with its Technology Leadership Council to help ensure the technology industry receives the support it needs during and following the pandemic.

The programme is open to businesses of all sizes who need support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Avril Lewis MBE, managing director of Technology Connected said;

“The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global crisis which is impacting all people and industries across the world. As the voice of the Welsh technology industry, Technology Connected is actively working to help support Welsh technology firms during this difficult period through a range of initiatives.

We realise that now is a crucial time for the technology industry in Wales and it is more important than ever for our industry to work together to find solutions to the challenges we will inevitably see over the upcoming months. In the spirit of supporting and connecting, we believe our network should be accessible to all and are excited to launch our new membership initiative.

While the immediate impact of the Coronavirus is great uncertainty, we recognise the great opportunity and responsibility that exists for the technology industry in both the current climate and in the pivotal role it will play in continuing to support and help rebuild the global economy.

It is incredible how our technology community is already rising to meet the global challenges raised by Covid-19, and as Technology Connected, we are proud to continue to support and collaborate with the technology sector, and help secure a brighter future for Welsh technology.”

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