Digital platform developed in Wales could save manufacturers millions

A new business that aims to save manufacturers millions of pounds a year has been launched in Wales.

POET Systems Ltd., based in Bridgend, has developed a bespoke cloud-based software system that is designed to improve performance, save time and reduce waste.

The unique digital platform provides manufacturers with detailed data about their production processes, giving a complete view of operational performance in real time.

It allows managers the time to work on areas for improvement and make decisions based on the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The POET platform, which has been developed over the last two years, has already helped biscuit manufacturer Burton’s Biscuit Co. at its factory in Llantarnam, Cwmbran.

Now the business is on a mission to help other manufacturers across Wales to improve their own efficiency as well as to help close the productivity gap with other countries.

POET is the brainchild of Lynn Davies and Phil Roberts, directors of business management consultancy Probe RTS, who have over 50 years combined experience working with companies on operational excellence and productivity improvement.

Mr Davies said:

“We know that we have a productivity problem in the UK, in that our manufacturers are behind those of other advanced economies, particularly Germany and the US, on various measures.

“With the two huge challenges of Brexit and Covid hitting manufacturers hard, we need to take urgent action as a nation if we want to make sure we don’t fall further behind.

“The key to improving operational effectiveness in manufacturing is addressing cultural and technological opportunities. A simple-to-use system like POET, which has data at its heart, can help with both of those.”

POET has already proved its worth in the food production industry working with Burton’s Biscuit Co.

After gathering data on Burton’s current production processes and giving site-wide training to staff on the advantages of making data-driven decisions, POET’s analysis allowed the manufacturing improvement team to work on the areas where the biggest impacts could be made.

Susana Fernandez, Factory Manager at Burton’s Biscuits Co, Llantarnam, said:

“When we embarked on our manufacturing excellence journey, POET complemented this journey by providing us with a platform enabling data collation to ensure our focus was directed and our resources deployed into the areas with the biggest challenges.

“We are excited to be working with POET on an automation solution and are currently in the process of trialing this on one of our lines.”

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