Reflecting on the Kickstart Scheme and working at Technology Connected

As she prepares to return to university, Carys Preddy reflects on working at Technology Connected as a Kickstart placement, and the wider work of Technology Connected as an accredited gateway for the Kickstart Scheme. We wish Carys all the best in the next chapter of her career and development.

From 2021, Technology Connected took on the role as a gateway for companies to apply for the Kickstart scheme to help 16-24 year olds with little to no job experience to help them gain this.

After finishing University and having no previous job experience, I was made aware of the opportunities of Kickstart through my Universal Credit Job Coach. I applied for 2 placements and was offered both and decided to take the job offer with Technology Connected as an Admin and Marketing Assistant as it suited my skills much better.

As our company was a gateway for others to apply for Kickstart placements, I felt that I was in a position to help contribute my experience for applying for Kickstart placements to the companies under our gateway. This advice could then help them on how to advertise their placements and what wording to use.

Tasks that I was asked to complete were:

°          Maintaining and updating CRM system, data reporting and monitoring.

°          Arranging, supporting and reporting virtual meetings and appointments.

°          Maintaining admin systems to ensure effective and efficient operational support.

°          Managing and monitoring Membership Applications process.

°          Assisting with social media accounts.

°          Assisting team members with events and marketing campaigns.

°          Communicating over emails and Zoom with colleagues and clients.

After completing my 6 months I was offered to continue on a part time basis until I returned to university to continue my studies.

Through my time with Kickstart and Technology Connected, I have worked with a team of people who are encouraging, helpful and friendly. This made my time much more comfortable and enjoyable.

My overall experience with Kickstart has been very positive and rewarding. I have learnt many valuable skills and gained lasting knowledge for any opportunities in the future.

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