Event Recap: “Learning from Wales: Demystifying the Benefits of Blockchain’s Applications for Business”

In partnership with Cardiff Capital Region and Cardiff and Vale College, we hosted a ‘Tech Insights’ workshop focused on business benefits of blockchain technologies. 

“Learning from Wales: Demystifying the Benefits of Blockchain’s Applications for Business” brought together industry experts, academics, and business professionals to explore the transformative benefits of blockchain technology for private and public sector organisations.

Opening remarks

The workshop kicked off with an engaging introduction by Nicola McNeely, Head of Technology Sector, Solicitor & Partner at HCR Law. She provided an overview of blockchain, emphasising its unique features, current applications, and the fundamental benefits it offers to businesses. Her insights laid the foundation for a day dedicated to exploring the transformational world of blockchain.

If you missed the workshop, you can watch Nicola McNeely’s opening presentation from the 2022 Blockchain Challenge Fund Opening Event.

Panel discussion

Our Chair, Dr. Cerian Jones, Owner of Entheos IP, led a thought-provoking panel discussion with esteemed panellists:

  • Gethin Davies (Finboot)
  • Tom Kinnear (Amey Consulting)
  • Professor Yingli Wang (Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd)
  • Matthew Shields (SIMBA Chain)

The panel shared their extensive knowledge and experiences, shedding light on how blockchain is being leveraged across various industries and its potential to revolutionise business practices.


Participants then had the opportunity to engage in three focused workshops, each addressing a specific application of blockchain:

  • Net Zero: Facilitated by Professor Omer Rana (Cardiff University), this discussion explored how blockchain can support sustainability goals and drive environmental initiatives.
  • Supply Chain: Led by David Blake (Deepbridge Capital), attendees discussed how blockchain can enhance transparency, efficiency, and traceability within supply chains.
  • Digital Record: Dr. Cerian Jones (Entheos IP) guided discussions on the use of blockchain for secure and immutable digital record-keeping.

Key takeaways

Here are some of the crucial insights and takeaways from the day:

  • Identify real-world problems
    Begin by identifying the specific issues you want to address (e.g., cost savings, efficiency improvements) and evaluate if blockchain can be the solution. Engage with experts to guide you through this process.
  • Partner with experts
    Collaborate with the right partners and technology companies who understand blockchain. Effective networking is essential to unlocking the potential of blockchain.
  • Leverage expertise
    You don’t need to master blockchain’s complexities yourself. Work with knowledgeable experts who can navigate the technical aspects for you.
  • Flexible implementation
    Blockchain can be implemented at various levels within supply chains, offering flexibility and adaptability to different business needs.
  • Efficiency in tracking
    Blockchain technology can significantly reduce the time required for tracing and tracking products, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Looking ahead

During the event, we also teased our upcoming blockchain landscape report, which promises to provide comprehensive insights into the current state and future trends of blockchain technology.

Thank you to everyone who attended and actively participated in making this workshop a success.

Stay tuned for more updates and future events, as we continue to explore the exciting possibilities that blockchain offers for businesses and industries.

Missed this event, or want to learn more about how blockchain can transform your business or industry? Register to attend our next blockchain workshop ‘Discover Blockchain’s Benefits: Transforming Businesses & Industries’ coming up on the 12 September 2024.