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Our pioneering silver conductive inks facilitate the recycling of electronic waste without any of the highly toxic chemicals currently used, while enabling the separation of the substrate and electrical components. The silver recovered by our process can be reused in the formulation of new conductive inks without further processing, reducing costs and environmental impact. Our innovative technology will enable the creation of circular electronics

Our recyclable silver conductive ink technology will enable printed electronics manufacturers to reduce the environmental impact of their products and align with key UN strategic development goals. We will supply high quality silver conductive inks for use in additive manufacture of electronics and suitable for applications such as flexible wearables, consumer electronics, and smart packaging. Our patented ink is the only high conductivity ink that is truly recyclable in an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective way.
The conductive ink market is valued at $3.2Bn of which silver inks comprise the largest segments at 45%. The current metallic conductive inks (silver, gold, copper etc) all have to be recycled through the existing electronic waste processes. Carbon based inks are seen as an alternative but lack the conductivity required for many applications. Our silver conductive inks provide the conductivity of metallic inks without compromising the environment.
Electronic waste is a growing problem, with more than 53Mt generated in the last year of which less than 20% is recycled, with large quantities shipped overseas to developing countries. The current recycling method use energy intensive processes or highly toxic chemicals to recover the metals such as gold and copper. These processes destroy everything in pursuit of these materials, creating pollution and hazardous waste. The recycling process for our materials requires none of the toxic chemicals currently used, preserving the electrical components and substrate for reuse or recycling. The silver we recover is unchanged by the process and can be reused in the manufacture of new inks, creating a closed loop circular system.

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