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Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a highly pervasive yet predominantly hidden technology that enriches our everyday lives. At the DSP Centre of Excellence, we are harnessing the power of advanced, leading edge DSP-based technologies to realise future intelligent communication systems, with particular focus on technologies such as 5G mobile networks and beyond, dynamically adaptive, and agile optical networks and ultra-secure and resilient optical transmission systems. The DSP Centre is part of the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at Bangor University and works with a wide range of industrial and academic partners. Currently our activities concentrate on collaborative research projects, however our long-term objectives are to significantly expand our research capabilities, capacity and project collaborations, skills training and commercialisation activities to ultimately become one of the key national centres for 5G technology.

The focus of our research at the DSP Centre is DSP solutions for 5G and 5G ecosystems, we use the power of network element embedded, high-speed DSP algorithms to incorporate essential new features such as dynamic network reconfigurability, adaptability for optimum transmission performance, dynamic bandwidth allocation with fine granularity to support a wide diversity of traffic types and network sliceability to create independent logical networks on a common physical infrastructure. We also investigate the use of DSP to achieve energy aware systems for low carbon networks. Thus, we believe DSP can deliver the solutions needed to meet the demands of future networks in a cost-efficient way. We are also researching other leading edge DSP technologies, for example we are developing physical layer security techniques to provide cyber security at the physical network level and developing distributed fibre optic sensing techniques to allow optical data networks to be transformed into simultaneous sensing networks.

The £4M ERDF funded project is research focused, however our long-term goal is to develop into a Welsh and UK Government-backed National Centre for DSP Technology, which will have greatly expanded research activities, technology commercialisation activities and DSP skills training at various levels. Thus, ultimately our ambitions are to contribute significantly to the growth of the technology industry in Wales, leading to an increase in high-tech jobs in Wales, attracting companies to the region, developing supply chains and offering high-tech careers to Wales’ young up-and-coming researchers and engineers.

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