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The two founders of the organisation each have over 25 years of experience in Cyber Security. Effective Cyber Security Ltd (ECS) help organisations focus on provide effective solutions to tackle todays ever growing cyber crime. We help companies access where they're at risk and deploy an improvement plan with effective tools and controls in place. We are a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Most of the team have been born out of National Grids Cyber Security division, National Grid is the UK's most important Critical National Infrastructure. We have a Security Operations Centre (SOC)which provides Proactive monitoring of our clients networks looking for Indicators Of Compromise (IOC) before it becomes a full data breach.

Effective Cyber Security Ltd (ECS) is a specialist provider of security managed services for UK based customers in the private and public sector. We understand that big budgets don’t always mean better cyber security. Too many businesses waste money on security products and services that either don’t work, aren’t appropriate or are only partly effective, leaving them exposed and vulnerable to cyberattacks. Comprehensive protection starts with strategic investments in the right areas, focussing on individual business needs.
ECS is impartial and Independent. We help you choose the right tools and implement them in the right way for your business. We work in partnership with our customers, as an extension of their own security team, to fully understand their situation and deliver high value cyber security solutions perfectly tailored to them.

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