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MSW is a new company born out of over 20 yrs experience gained in high volume Electronics Manufacturing, largely but not soely in the Automotive Sector. Specialising in Power Control and Conversion from Design to Manufacture, applications include; Electronic Power Steering control (EPS/EHPS), power control modules, Boost Recovery Machines, Alternator Regulator Voltage Control, Sensors and Fan/HVAC Controls.

The team at MSW have been together for over 20 years in the previous guises of International Rectifier, Vishay, Electronic Motion Systems and KSR Electronic Systems, producing high volume products primarily for the automotive sector, with some Industrial applications in refridgeration and compressors. MSW has bespoke hardware and software Design & process capabilties incorporating technologies such as SMT, Wirebonding, Ribbon Bonding, Laser Etch and transfer molding among others.
MSW also boasts it's own in house valdation and failure analysis capabilities with a highly equppied and skilled team who can carry out activies such as laser decapsulation/abalation, acoustic microsope analysis, Scanning Electron Microscope – Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (SEM-EDS), Solderability Testing and several temperature and humidity chambers for validation testing as well as thermal shock. Failure Analysis and Validation Services are avilable for contract and consultancy use.