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Manufacturing intelligence in the palm of your hand. POET is a single software solution that allows manufacturing companies to focus on the basics to drive productivity improvement. The easy to use, intuitive interface ensures full company engagement from operator to CEO. Each module is linked ensuring a closed loop improvement cycle from issue reporting through to root cause analysis and permanent corrective action. Highly visual metrics makes data interrogation and issue prioritisation simple.

Our involvement in the manufacturing industry goes back 35 years from our time working within the industry leading automotive sector. Our skills honed in satisfying the demands of the OEM and learning the industry tools along the way led us to set up business in 2005. Those subsequent years enabled us to successfully establish ourselves with major clients working on projects all over the world and then, with the evolution of cloud-based computing, we identified the opportunity to develop a software platform as a tool to drive process and productivity improvement and in 2017 we developed POET.

At POET Systems your success is our success. Our software is a game changer in delivering increased profit through improved productivity and reduced waste to ensure the long term viability of every one of our Customers.

We see POET as a hybrid of traditional continuous improvement methodologies and Industry 4.0

POET is built on the systematic closed loop PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) which is a fundamental principle used within the manufacturing industry

POET uses OEE as its front end dashboard but is multi level to ensure an “all in one place” platform to asset management, performance management and resource management.

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