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Security Foundry provides trusted cyber security solutions and managed services which address the threat from malicious activities designed to impact business profitability and integrity. At the same time these expert services deliver compliance services for regulatory standards in data protection. These are delivered by specialist experienced consultants as a managed service. Security Foundry’s Cyber Security Managed Service utilises next generation solutions which have machine-based learning or AI at their centre, allowing automated and pro-active threat identification.

Security Foundry with its strategic partners have created services that are integrated to provide businesses with a cyber ‘immune system’ designed to ensure compliance and protection. Our Cyber Security Managed Service includes Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) delivered by specialist security consultants, with our Security Operations Centre (SOC) based just outside Cardiff.

Our portfolio of integrated services offers complete and comprehensive threat detection for all your data and every component in your IT estate whether they are;

✔ Mobile
✔ Cloud
✔ Hybrid

The service always starts with an Initial Consultation so that customers can understand their current level of protection and compliance as well as the likely threat level to the business with recommendations for what is required to achieve the appropriate standard and industry best practice.

The Cyber Security Managed Service includes the deployment of Microsoft Security, IBM Security QRadar and other industry best in class tools.

For those customers looking for specific cyber solutions for individual use cases within their business, Security Foundry are authorised technology partners for ObserveIT for Insider Threat Management, Meta Networks for software defined perimeter and remote access management, (now both ProofPoint solutions), Okta for Identity Management and Yubico for two-factor and multi-factor authentication needs.

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